Necro Babes

Kat is the high class call-girl Tyler has invited over for some fun. Tyler slips Kat a mickey unknowingly and then the fun begins. Tyler introduces her to the world of self eroticism - the first scene has Tyler experimenting with a necktie around Kat's neck while she fondles her pussy. In the second scene, Tyler has offered Kat more money if she will let her continue her sinister fun. In agreement, Kat offers to suck Tylers strap-on dildo before she is "bagged" and fucked with the dildo. In the final scene, Kat is made to stand on a chair with a noose around her neck while masturbating so that Tyler can take some pictures. As Kat is about to reach orgasm, Tyler pulls the chair out from under her.

"Necro Babes" - 1hour 11 minutes - $45

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