Face-Sitting Killer

Starring Veronika

Featuring Asphyxiation/Bagging, Drugging, Necro, Nudity, and Sexual Content

Storyline involving a plot for revenge. Sister decides to get revenge by having her troublesome brother killed. She hires Veronika to face-sit/dominate him. Veronika does her stuff which begins with a drugged drink. The male is seduced by Veronika who continues to strip for him until he passes out. When he wakes up, he's confused by her change of heart - she's now more combative and fights his advances. She decides the only way to solve her problem is to smother him. A good way to get rid of him without leaving any marks on his body. She facesits on him - stopping his continued advances to get one last touch - until he finally is smothered to death.

"Face-Sitting Killer" - 25 minutes

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